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PinellasPascoParanormal/Hostile Haunts Specialists

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Client warning bulletins:

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Beware of People or organizations who claim to be able to diagnose and help with a haunting over the phone or online, or by remote viewing.

Please be advised that NO paranormal team or representative can diagnose a haunting over the phone or in an email. Until a qualified person investigates the situation in person, nothing can be ascertained for sure regarding paranormal activity and or the nature of that activity. No matter how psychic that person claims to be, they really can not be assumed to be correct in their assumptions unless they have done the "in person work "required to make any real assessment of what is going on in your home, and have also gotten some tangible evidence to back up their claims, such as EVP etc..

Anyone who tells you in an email or on the phone that you are dealing with a demon, an elemental, incubus, succubus, or any other legendary, and fearsome entity is irresponsible , inexperienced in this field, and/or misinformed. Do not let anyone get you going on an idea of this extreme nature. Many unscrupulous people in this field will tell you anything to get a case investigation. If you are scared you will obviously agree to getting their help, right? Steer clear of teams that make extreme conjectures like this on the phone or by email. When dealing with a haunting of any kind, you want an experienced and rational person who knows what they are doing and who is not operating with a system based on legend and religious dogma. You don't want someone who is desperate to ghost hunt, and will say anything to get your case. If a paranormal team's photos consist largely of cemetery pictures, that is a good sign that this is an extremely novice group, desperate for a case folks. Stalking the cemeteries looking for ghosts is not paranormal research, it is what curious novices do. If you want real help look for a team with real experience and real information at their website. 

TV shows and the solicitation of ghost teams to provide clients cases for the TV reality shows. 

First off I want to assure our clients that their personal information will NEVER be given out to anyone without the client requesting we do so, for any reason. Whatever we post in our case updates is always done with a code name for each case, and no information is included in those files to give away the identity of our clients. The thing I am about to discuss, is the very reason for this policy. WARNING: There are paranormal teams and commercial entrepreneurs out there just looking for people to exploit, to give them meat for their TV shows. I get calls and emails constantly from these folks. Some want us to go on their shows and bring our clients, some want to get names and information of our clients, in order to solicit them for their own investigations and or TV show pilots etc.

Now, anyone who goes through a bad haunting usually does not want to relive it or start it up again, so they can be on some stupid TV show. We know this all too well. Second, the people making these shows are doing this to make money and a name for themselves, and have no concern for the people they showcase and exploit on these shows. The only one that gets paid for these shows, are the producers.

Most paranormal TV shows are just hype for entertainment purposes and many people who have been the subjects of these shows do not come away happy at all on any level. Many teams out there are trying to make pilot videos to submit, hoping to get a TV show because that is their goal for being in this field in the first place. At PPP that is not our goal, in fact we find it shallow and pathetic. We always turn down these offers when we get them. There is a group trying to get the information on our Beacon Woods clients so that they can solicit them for an investigation and so they can use them for a pilot for a TV show submission...BEWARE These folks have contacted me and I have told them where to go and how to get there. Bringing a commercial group into your home is a great way to piss off a spirit and start a haunting all over again, or invite a new one. This kind of thing is frowned upon by the spirit world and they react accordingly. Is it really worth risking that to be on a TV show? I encourage everyone to think about the agenda of the TV producers and the Ghost hunting teams, that try to get themselves on TV by doing this. I advise not only my clients but everyone not to get involved with this type of sacrilegious commercial garbage. These shows do not pay you for your time, they just use you to create content for their low budget reality shows. They also will often embellish and change your story to suit their agenda of getting ratings.