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We all have our religious ideas and our own beliefs about what happens after we die. In reality they are ideas, and beliefs and that's it. We do not know for proof positive that any of our ideas are correct, about heaven, hell, going into the light etc. People always talk about sending spirits into "the light" or getting them to cross over, but do we really know the realms of the afterlife? NO! For all we know, some spirits just might be right where they are supposed to be, and it may be some mid plane that we do not know about or understand. We can not say for sure where they need to "go." That would be to assume that we know God's world with all of it's rules, and geography . One thing I have learned in 33 years of communicating with spirits is that many of our ideas are wrong and or incomplete as far as details and information. Man take so much upon himself in assuming that we know everything and have some sort of control over everything. When a person dies they go to the next level of existence, and are one step ahead of us, here in the flesh. This means that they know more about their current world than we do, they have graduated to the next phase, so to speak. Now why would a spirit then need the help of a living person to show them "the light" or tell them where to go? That would be like an 8th grader going to a kindergarten kid to ask for help on their test, or to show them around the middle school. How silly is that? Spirits do not need living people to "cross them over." This is nonsense. If anything they have higher spirits in the next realm to guide them. We may be able to talk to them and give them the resolution they need to let go of their attachment to this plane but we can not do much more than that.

From what I have learned I believe there are many realms that constitute what we call the afterlife. I know that spirits are still in possession of free will just as we are, to wander where they may in many ways. No spirit is ever really trapped by anything on the earth plane except their own illusions, emotions, attachments etc. Many people hold the idea that all spirits who dwell here and interact with the living need to be helped in some way or forced to "cross over" into some place where we think they belong. We have no real knowledge or authority to assume that whatsoever. Each time that the spirit world seeks out the living for interaction, there is usually a reason and some of the reasons may be valid in the big picture. God gave us all free will and it does not end when we pass from the material, or earth world. There are also many types of spirit life forms other than human spirits, that inhabit the ether around us. They usually do not seek us out, except in specific instances for certain reasons. Spirits of all kinds are around us at all times and they do play a part in interacting with this world for many reasons. Some are on a mission, some are still wanting to be a part of this world as with human spirits, and some are actually assigned to certain tasks here.

I do believe there are rules as to what human spirits and some others are allowed to do and that many break the rules. For instance: I believe we are allowed to watch over our loved ones after our death and maybe even communicate here and there but we are not supposed to hang around, and continuously try to interact with them as if we were still alive in this world. If we did then they would never get over our deaths, as our energy being so near would constantly remind them of their loss and keep them dwelling on their pain indefinitely. Spirits who have issues over the way they died or felt they were not ready to leave this world sometimes do this. When they do it is not a healthy situation for all concerned both the living and the spirit of the deceased person or soul. This is why I always advise people to avoid trying to contact their deceased loved ones immediately after their death, for more information on why see the article titled "Dealing with death" at this website.

As we delve deeper into the paranormal field where the afterlife is concerned we are faced with the necessity to open our minds and look beyond our former beliefs on the matter. Only when we are ready to admit that we do not know the true parameters of this other world can we learn anything at all. During the course of my research and interaction with spirits, I have been shown that many of my previous notions, religious or otherwise are not necessarily right, concerning what happens after we die. The old concept of "heaven and hell" falls away, to yield a much more complex system and a much broader set of possibilities then I ever imagined. God's will and our will are not one and the same, all the time and in the end there is a limit to what we can affect in this other world, that lies beyond physical death. Prayers can help in some cases but only if our prayers are in accordance with what God deems justified in the situation. Sometimes the old adage of "live and let live" extends to the spirits that choose to stay in a certain space as well.

Many people promote misconceptions in this field. For instance, there are those who claim they can close a portal to the other side. Portals which are set in place for spirits to cross back and forth between one plane of existence to another were put there by a much higher power than us, for a reason. We can not close a true portal, this is simply wishful and vain thinking on our part. We ourselves open doors to the other side, but they are not portals, they are doors and those we can close at times. Portals exist in certain places and they always will be in those locations for specific reasons known only to the divine entity who created them. If we choose to build our residences at one of these locations, then we will always have paranormal activity in that location. Burial grounds are notorious for portals and each burial ground usually has one. You can not close it or move it, because it was there before you decided to set up camp there so to speak. This is why we should not develop and build on these sacred grounds in the first place. There needs to be a limit to man's desire to claim everyplace as his own, and certain areas ,once allocated to a place of sanctity need to stay that way. There are also natural portals in many places on the earth, that God designated, and we again have no sway over them being closed or open as well. The most important "crossing over" that needs to be done, is for us to crossover to the understanding, that we do not know the realms of the next world, and that we do not rule this world or the next.