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Paranormal on a different page.........?

Paranormal on a different page….

Nowadays all you see are paranormal shows and lots of things focusing on the paranormal or supposed spirit world. There is a new paranormal team popping up on every corner every week, all emulating the people they see on the TV shows and following blindly onto the path to nowhere. Many people may be upset when I say this but that is where our current mode of paranormal investigation and even our current agenda is going………..NOWHERE. Most of the instruments that investigators are using are actually useless in proving anything at all. Photos are all subject to speculation and paradolia. With everyone seeing what they want to see, we are literally more in the dark than ever.

People tend to see and perceive that which suits their own line of thoughts and feelings. We have those motivated by their religious ideas that spout endless myths to the public, like “All ghosts are demons” and then we have all the self proclaimed mediums who claim that spirits need them to help lead them to the proverbial “light’. We have all the science guys out there with their laser grids and their radio hacked ghost boxes trying to convince people that this is science and that these things work and provide proof. Unfortunately about three quarters of everything we are being told about the paranormal regarding ghosts, spirits etc is a lie. We have people passing on their own beliefs, fears, folklore, and solutions as legitimate answers for people who are seeking to learn about this stuff. Some of these age old ideas have caught on and die hard, which makes us again stuck in the same place.

Human beings do not do well with things that disturb their current comfortable position regarding things they may fear and things they hold sacred. Cognitive dissonance runs rampant in this field more than any other. This is another reason why we are standing still. TV and the media do not help either. I have seen the endless paranormal investigations on TV and also observed other teams engaging in the same cookie cutter scenarios. To me there is nothing more boring or pointless than this kind of investigation. Why? Because I have seen and heard and experienced enough to know that this whole way of doing things is a waste of time and dignity. I and my team are on a different paranormal page in this field. The outcomes of our cases are very different and the things we take away afterwards are priceless as far as knowledge and experience. It is not that we are doing anything secret or special that affords us these results. What gets us these results is a very simple concept which requires a simple and earnest effort. The answer is so simple that I am truly amazed that the majority of the para field still does not get it. Let’s consider a hypothetical situation to make this point:

The spirits are the people on the other side of the veil per say right? We want to learn about them right? Okay now let’s compare them to our mysterious living neighbor across the street. Maybe we want to learn about this guy too? Either way they are both outside of our little personal world right? Okay now if we want to learn about the neighbor across the street, we can set up spy cameras to film him, put recorders outside his windows and in his home. We can set up some laser grids and take some EMF readings. Okay so now we may have some photos of this guy, a recording of a conversation, perhaps some readings that mean nothing on some instruments. We can suppose all we want about the nature of this guy and his world and how he lives etc. OR………………we can simply interact and engage the neighbor in a conversation and offer our friendship. Then we can ask him questions and we can exchange information and ideas in a polite, up front way. Chances are we will learn more from the horse’s mouth than from our spy tactics in the long run. The neighbor is the only one that can tell us details about his world that we otherwise could never get to know. It works the same way with the spirits. If you want to learn about their world you have to address them in a down to earth and honest manner, extending your hand in god will. If you do thus for the right reasons and with a pure heart then you will get some very good feedback. It is not about the science project, or the thrill ride or the proving something to the world. It is about spirits interacting together. No more, no less, and that is where all answers will come from. In the big scheme of things we are all spirits anyway, So let’s start acting more dignified and extending some respect to our fellow entities?


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