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North Hudson haunt case 8/24/2019

This case was fascinating and we got a lot more than we expected by the evening's end. The family had only moved there two weeks before all of the crazy stuff started. A nine year old boy saw something run across the back yard and into the woods in broad daylight when returning home from school one day. The boy said that whatever it was, it was on two legs and black and white. We went there to check out shadow figures outside creeping around the house by the windows, and one inside that formed on a wall. Surprisingly enough, when we arrived we found several signs of Bigfoot presence on the property and in the bordering woods. A shed was dragged about 6 feet through the dirt and the roof appeared to be pounded in by a strong fist or some other object and the door seemed to be damaged.

The ghosts we communicated with via EVP were eager to inform us that the shadows outside the curtains were a Bigfoot not a ghost at all. The inside shadow ghost was identified by name and seems harmless. The Bigfoot on the other hand avoided our camera traps and our investigators out in the back woods and decided to check out our vehicles on the other side of the property. The creature left hand prints ,complete with fingerprint whorls on both of our SUV vehicles. The hand print on the Kia measured 12 inches in length. The one on the Jeep was a bit smaller but still bigger than any of our men's hands.There was also what appeared to be a print of lips pressed against the glass on our jeep. Evps mentioned a Bigfoot when asked what was outside. Some of the evps were entertaining. One of our guys while out in the back woods got an EVP from a male that said..."Go get the furry devil!" We have some evps inside from a female warning that it was a Bigfoot outside. I am including some pics and evps above this report,, from this case. Please excuse the female spirit's profanity as she says "It's a "F%&*ing" Bigfoot when asked what was outside. We will continue to stay in touch with this client and monitor the events to follow, acting as an advisory on how to keep this animal away from the property.


Port Richey combo case 9/1/2018 and 9/7/2018

This case was one of those that was going to be a lot of work. There were two families and two homes on a 5 acre tract near the Starkey park preserve. It seemed that both were having ghost problems. As if that wasn't enough there also was a Bigfoot traipsing about the property and making the families nervous. There were children living there so we wanted to make sure we could find out what was going on.

Because getting to the bottom of this was going to take a lot of manpower and some specialized BIgfoot investigation, we imported some. I asked my friend Ray Maddux from the Bigfoot Protection agency in Myakka Florida, to come up and help us out. Our goal was to get to the bottom of the ghost problem in both homes on the property and also map out where this Bigfoot was coming into the property and his activities from there. The creature was seen by several of the residents and he even lunged out, at a resident one evening. As we pulled up near the first house you could literally feel the energy coming off of it and it was not good.

Debbie and I went to the first house along with George and Pete to see about their ghosts. Ray took off with the first team of Braxton and Chip, to scout the property.

Now we did find spirits at the first house but strangely enough the evps were telling us to go to the other house. They seemed worried about my team mates who were investigating the outside perimeter of the other home. At one point George and Pete did come back to the home, where I was and walked in with a camera, saying they got some interesting photos.

Suddenly as George and Pete stood in the foyer, I got this gut feeling that something came in with them. Just then George was attacked. Spirits attack in a very specific way when they want to scare you off. It feels like a hot match or a hot poker stinging the skin. George received this on his back and it left a red burn. Now, I knew that the spirits at the first house were showing concern for my team members. Whatever was the hostile ghost was at the other house or was outside and had followed George and Pete from that house. Since the warnings from spirit and George's injury we decided it was best to head over to the other house. We planned to return to the first house later to communicate with those spirits. We had to go by priority. So we headed over to the other house.

By this time Ray had returned and set off with the second team of George and Pete to check out the surrounding wooded area that bordered the property. So Braxton, Chip, and I went over to the other house. Debbie stayed behind at the first house to monitor if anything happened there. We set up quickly and I asked the lady of the house to take me on a tour of the place and show me where the activity happened the most. Braxton and Chip stayed downstairs and I went with the client up the stairs, to the upper level. I could feel the wall of energy as soon as I was half way up the stairs. It was as if something wanted you to go no further.

The house is in renovation so there are some lights that don't work, and there were five gallon paint buckets in the hallway. The client had walked ahead of me down this narrow hallway and I followed her with my flashlight. We stopped and she went ahead of me to a closet at the end of the hall to turn on the light. She had said this closet was a source of strange noise at night even though it was empty. As I stood behind her I heard a scuffling at my feet. Because they have a cat I thought perhaps that was what it was. The next step I took my foot was impaled on a nail that was sticking out of an old, thin, piece of paneling. The nail went right through the sole of my shoe and into my foot. I knew this was a deliberate move on the spirit's part because it was not there before and I heard it being placed there, when I thought it was the cat. The tape recorder tells the tale as the spirit gleefully took credit for the incident.

After pulling the nail and panel out of my foot, the client got some neosporin and a band aid for me and we carried on. There were two spirits talking to us via EVP but we knew that the bad spirits were laying low. I decided to see if I could flush them out. I took a tape recorder and began walking around talking to them and asking why they were hiding, what they wanted and I made a few comments to provoke a response and it worked. The response was very hostile and I knew then and there that I had no desire to engage these spirits and set out to immediately cleanse the home. There were kids living there and the Mom was very scared and wanted the ghost gone too. George and I set out to get that done.


Ray and the boys had discovered quite a bit of interesting evidence regarding the Bigfoot. They discovered where it entered the property and where it went which led to a direct path behind the houses to the 7/11. It probably went there to raid the dumpsters out back which were very accessible from the client's property without being seen. It broke a fence, to simply it's entry. There was, in one spot behind the fence, in the woods an area where there was a collection of blue objects of all kinds. The thing that we found unsettling was the fact that a few spots were found where the creature had hollowed out a spot in a Palmetto rush where the light never shined and he could watch the clients. There were three of these at different vantage points around the property perimeters. The clients had said they always felt like someone was watching them when they went outside.

The creature had been seen three times by different family members in both families. We are not sure but we do suspect that a signal from a certain electronic device may have attracted the creature. On the other hand the Bigfoot likes watching children, and this property is a clear shot to the dumpsters he is raiding. He was also seen going behind that particular store. There is a photo album from this case titled Port Richey BF case in the gallery. There is also a photo album from the ghost portion of this case with apparitions and anomalies, in the photo gallery . At the end of it all we cleansed the home with the bad spirits. We returned to talk to the nice spirits at the other home. We were able to inform the client that the Bigfoot was using their property as a way to get to the dumpsters and probably will not cause harm. Still we told them if any more problems arise to call us back. STATUS: CASE CLOSED CAT 4

8/17/2018 :Civic club case, Pasco county

It is not often we get a call about a civic club being haunted, so this one peaked our interest. There were reports of objects moving, motion detector alarms being set off, apparitions see, and music coming from no where. We did hear the music ourselves during our investigation. We got about 60 evps and the spirits there seemed to just be frequenting their old haunt. Most were former residents and one was a former club director we believe. She was not happy with the current state of affairs with the club. There were no hostile spirits there and those in attendance were very hospitable. One older man in particular was very entertaining.

We got an amazing and rare shadow ghost photo which is below, and we are including a one of the more interesting evps here. We were able to deliver messages for the client and resolve this spirit interaction.STATUS:CASE CLOSED/ CAT 3

The first one is a man who says "I'm not kidding, I cookie bake." I guess that is what he did at the club at their gatherings in his day.

Two shadow ghosts standing by table stack.

Beacon woods case 73: 5/23/2018

We have spent so much time in Beacon woods over the years. It seems to be a very haunted place. This case was no exception. We did find spirits there and collected tons of evps. There was a mix of spirits there. Some were denizens of Beacon woods, some were family members of the client. There was one male that truly seemed to be trying to intimidate but he gave up. There was nothing truly hostile there. We were able to calm it down a bit and so far things seem to be staying that way. STATUS:CASE CLOSED: CAT 3 for evp alone

Below are some evps from this case.

Male says "Girlie Girl" after I finish speaking.

Female says "Hey they're laughing at us!"

Woman with British accent says "Nancy...that's your daughter!"

Spirit says "Did you get my stalker?"

Male spirits says "You're back again Ole Chip?"

We probably have about 200 evps from this case now. Some are not able to be put up here as we try to limit the profanity. Suffice to say some were just not nice. We will post any future developments on this one.

Port Richey case # 61 Code name: 5/12/2018 Ticking clock

This case came to us from a family that had some very strange activity going on. One of the things that was happening in the home was quite unique. Someone or something kept changing the times on all the clocks. We knew there was a message there. The spirits also turned the AC off all the time, and doors would close and lock by themselves. This was just a few of the strange things that went on. We did resolve this case but due to the sensitive nature of those results we can not list them here. We did get a lot of evps and some were very intriguing. We did find out who the spirits were and what they wanted. The resolution lies with the clients. No cleansing can be done here because the spirits are not evil per say, they just have an agenda that only concerns them and the clients. STATUS ;CASE CLOSED RATING CAT 5H 

Hudson Florida case # 74 4/2/2017 Code name: Outboard

This case reported apparitions, noises and voices in the home. We recorded over 70 evps in the location. This was a family oriented haunting. Nothing bad was happening. It was just spirits of family members come to call and express some personal things. One thing I find interesting, because it seems to be something I hear more often lately is a spirit asking people to pray again. A female spirit made a comment saying "It's about time people prayed again" I can not help but wonder if perhaps our moving away from spiritual pursuits and ways of thinking is going to be to our detriment in some way. Is something coming that we need to pray about? Maybe spirits interact with us to try and get us back on track as we seldom concern ourselves with anything but technology and entertainment these days. Nothing captured on film, evps personal so we will leave this here. STATUS/CASE CLOSED /CAT SP