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We try to keep this page limited to about 30 case reports at any given time. Cases taken down from here may make it to the older case updates page or be deleted altogether, as we only have so much space.

We do not post all cases. We only post those which were confirmed to be genuine hauntings and that have interesting facets, and evidence captures.

Notice: On July 18th 2016, many cases were removed from this page and taken to the "Older case updates" page. We need the room for more current cases. Most cases from before 2009 are no longer available at all in the updates pages. We had to take them down to make space. We do save some files and evps from cases dating further back though, so if you are a client we can still find most of our stuff. We suffered a computer crash way back when and did lose some case files and info. from very old cases back before 2008. Whatever we did not have on paper files or printed photos has been lost but some evps remain on our old tapes.

This is a very busy team, and has been for decades. We operated without a website for over two decades. We started this page, at this current site just 9 years back. We do not leave very old stuff up here unless it is just too amazing to drop. To give you an idea of why we do not post everything forever consider this: PPP took 48 cases in 2010, 45 in 2011, 40 in 2012, 51 in 2013, 42 in 2014, 39 in 2015 and now are in our 2016 season and still going. We do not post all of our cases, just the ones that we feel are worthy of remark, or where we found actual evidence of a haunting. Since we take mainly the lost extreme cases, we do usually get good evidence and many evps. Here at PPP we do not list temperature readings, emf readings and other boring details. We know that many investigators do, but this would take forever for us to write and you to read. Most of the time these things really serve no purpose anyway, as none of them are proven to show the presence of a spirit anyway. Most of these gadgets just make fun toys for ghost hunters and we are NOT ghost hunters. I often find myself, when reading others case updates, skimming to get to the evps or photos as long case logs can be boring and rote. So I skip all the tech details unless they are extremely interesting. We only post short synapses and remarkable details. We tell the story when there is one and share good evidence captures when we get them. 

We do not have enough room to post complete case reports for every case, as we have many cases and some do not even make it to this page. We like to leave our case updates up for a while, so that the clients can come in and listen to their evps, or see their photos etc. Our clients all get private and complete storage file links to their case evps anyway, that they can fall back on when the updates are dropped, off the page down the line.We almost always post an evp link, for each case that makes it to our case updates page, or to our evp page links. We only post cases worthy of interest and where we found something, that is "paranormal." We give all of our cases that we post, code names that do not give away any details or information to protect the privacy of our clients. Since most of the cases we get are extreme cases we often get good evidence from them. All names and locations are given names that do not give away the identity of our clients for their privacy. Cases that do not yield any evidence of spirit presence or haunting will not be posted in our case updates. 

We have installed a rating system for our haunt cases: It works this way...We will list a number for each haunting by category depending on the severity of the haunting and the activity in the home. This notation will be added at the end of each haunt case update. For more info. on this, and to find out what the Codes mean: go to the page at this website titled "haunts ratings" under the meet the team drop down menu.

ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR 2015 : All files that were located at the E-SNIPS and the4shared website are now unable to be heard by our clients or visitors as the site has blocked sharing ability for us due to some jerk who keeps reporting our files as inappropriate. We are so sorry for the inconvenience and are working on replacing the evp files on another site but it is a very big task and will take time.


" TO PLAY SOME OF THE VIDEO OR EVP WIDGETS YOU MUST CLICK THE BIG ARROW IN THE CIRCLE AND THEN THE SMALL ONE IN THE PLAYER." For some reason the site just started doing this on it's own? We can not change it.


Sorry folks that we are behind in these updates but I just have not had time to get caught up here. This year has been pretty clam compared to some others. I will be updating this soon. I have to finish up with the cases I am working on first. Thanks for your patience

Every case beyond this last one below from 2017 will be listed on the "latest Case updates" page from here out.

Pinellas Park case # 55 Code name: Old South

Case report Feb. 1st 2017:

We were called to a reported haunting, that according to the client, has been escalating for a long time, years in fact. A ghost hunting team had reportedly been there three times and the haunting just got worse. My biggest concern is for the kids in the home. Three children age 12, 13 and 14. The youngest child has a serious medical condition and stress is very counterproductive and unhealthy for him. We arrived at the home, Ryan, Brax, George and I in the evening and got set up right away. The house did have somewhat of a peculiar feel to it and I did feel presence in the home almost right away.

We set up our equipment and the motion sensor in one room kept going off, so we finally just disarmed it. We had recorders running and the evps confirmed that a spirit had tripped the device. They seemed annoyed and were happy when we shut it down. At first it seemed as if, judging by the evps, these spirits would not communicate with us. They had plenty to say about us and about the clients though. There was one male spirit who seemed to be in charge and was constantly warning the others not to interact with us. They did express their dislike for our presence and complained of being victimized and even stalked before by people. The evps kept coming as the night wore on and finally I did get some answers. This is what we can deduce at this point, based on the evp information and our own experiences at the location.

There were about five spirits [minimum] present in the home on the night we were there. This amounts to two males, two females and what might or might not be a female child. We have evps from all of these spirits, and many at that. The spirits deny meaning any harm or causing any harm to this family. They claim they just want to be left alone. As with any haunt there are factors and events that may be able to be written off as having real, natural sources. Not all events can be debunked though.

We went through 4 recorders and 12 tracks and got over 100 evps in all. That is a lot but not that rare really, not for us. Present we seemed to have:

A. One older adult male who spoke with an antiquated southern drawl. Sounds like an African American male from days gone by. Evps from him led us to believe he may have even have been a slave at one time. He seems to have a family or wife in tow. He was very put off by us and scared of us. We do not see him as a danger to anyone.

B. One very young sounding girl, who was taken with all the dolls and toys in the home and claimed they were her dolls. She was very outspoken and shushed many times by the old male. We do not feel she is any problem or danger to the living.

C. A modern male, seemingly harmless whose responses were clear but not very informative at times.

D. There was an older woman who came in once or twice and mentioned ?your father? whose father? We have no clue. There was also talk about someone?s stuff. I believe this may be a relative of the client.

At this point we were not too worried but still, I felt as if someone might be lurking that managed to give us the slip, so just in case we decided to cleanse the home. With kids there, better safe than sorry. Of course non?evil human ghosts cannot be thrown out by a cleansing meant for something that means harm. They have free will just as the living do.

This case was fascinating because the spirits claimed to be the ones being stalked. We have not heard that before. Also the old world vernacular in some of the voices was very cool. Reference was made to ?courtin? and a male spirit called one of my team guys, ?Master?. We think some of these spirits may have even been slaves from the old plantation.The only one who did not exhibit a drawl was the modern male spirit. Names mentioned in EVP are : Butchie, Em, Chief, Mama.

Some spirits seemed to be able to observe and had a decent understanding of what was going on, others seemed confused. They point blank said they did not trust us.

I feel that this case will calm down once the family stops focusing on the spirits and the idea of the haunting. The spirits may not leave but their presence will be less and less noticed once the conduit between the spirits and the living is no longer fed energy daily. We will keep this case open just in case anything intense crops up but for now I feel it will fade over time, once everyone stops focusing on it.

This is an old area that once was the location of a plantation in a by gone era. I think many spirits pass through this area daily and not all that we encountered even dwell in the home or frequent it as much as we assumed. I also feel there are relatives in the home who prefer to remain unknown and secretive as to their agenda but it is not bad or hostile in any way.

Photos did not show much but they seldom do and what we did get is questionable as camera artifact or shutter delays so we will not even bother including them in this report. Only one photo really caught my attention and that was one taken of Ryan at his request, when he said something grabbed his arm. There is a cold spot on his arm in blue and white ecto type energy. That one we will include. We will also include a few impressive evps.

Child like voice says "Can't do it"

 " Childrens cryin to Ma"

 "they're stalking us"

"MY dolls, this is whats happening"

"That"s Master followed by cough or wheeze" 

"This is killing ..ME"

"I love their light"

Male says "Hey, one that gets it!" Female then says "Enough. "

STATUS: CASE OPEN: Cat 3 SP, non hostile interaction.

Sept. 9th 2016: Moon Lake 8/Tayport Claire case. ***Winner most haunted case 2016

We got a call from a gal up in the New Port Richey, Moon lake area. She was living in a fairly new home and was having experiences with paranormal activity. There were voices in the home, shadows, cold breezes, and objects being moved. Not being easily scared she ignored it for a while but then curiosity got the best of her so she wanted to know who it was, and what they wanted. Now this did not sound to me like any kind of hostile haunting and it did turn out to be innocuous as haunts go, but it was most interesting, in how things developed and what was revealed in evidence captures. Few cases ever reveal photographic evidence of any kind but this case was the exception. We also enjoyed meeting this family, who are lovely people.

We did make contact with a female spirit that seemed to be watching over the place, a young male related to the client, and another female unknown as to what her connection was if any. We got 57 evps at this case which is above our average of about 40. The lady spirit did not want anyone to go upstairs in the home. She also did not seem to like out team mate George walking around the property taking photos as she tried to disable our camera several times or showed herself in the frames. She did puff up her aggressive energy at George, and he felt it. In the end nothing bad happened and even though we cannot make this lady spirit leave, at least she knows that no one means her any harm or ill will. We heard childrens? voices in the back ground of some evps and we believe that this lady ghost was their caretaker. We think she now watches over this family and their boys as well.

This spirit showed up in a photo by a fence, after trying to disable George?s camera. Later in an evp she said ?Wait til you see the fence.? I think she was letting us know she was in a photo, but we did not discover this until later during evidence review. This is the kind of validation every researcher wants and we are very lucky to get it. There were some other interesting photos and points, which we will include in a photo album soon. This case was rated a CAT SP by our system and is now status CASE CLOSED unless anything heats up down the line. I am including some evps here. Make sure to watch for the photo album coming soon. We are including a photo album from this case at the site and some of the evps. Moon Lake has always been a place with a lot of energy and paranormal activity. Some crazy and bad things have happened in the Moon Lake area, No matter how new of a sub-division you build, gated community or not the energy remains. Moon lake is haunted. The past seems to show its face in Moon Lake no matter what area you go to. This is our 8th case in Moon Lake.

The spirits in this home are harmless. The female was protective and the male was a relative who just came by to seize the chance to contact his family. This is often how haunting turn out, and this is not what we call a haunting. This is spirit presence and spirits are everywhere. In some places the conditions are right for us to see and hear them or even interact

with them. This is the ghost lady. Both the original and the enhanced close up version.

EVP Highlights:

Childrens voices upstairs:

"Papa did it":

The Lady who was in the photo by the fence, I believe told us about her presence before we even saw the picture. We had not looked at them yet and she is on this clip saying "You should see the fence" right after we finish speaking.

The Young man who passed , [nephew of the client's ) relayed this message to the clients asking them to "Tell the Uncle"

The lady gives away her generation and that she lived a long time ago when she uses the words "Confound you" a saying no one has used for a century or more.

This case is:......... STATUS: CASE CLOSED/ CAT SP

June 3rd 2016: Moon Lake private residence case........ ***Winner most haunted for 2016

We were called out by a friend to see exactly what was at his new home before he officially moves in. The neighbor informed him that he had activity and the house on the other side was also haunted, though it was empty at the time. With our friend's home being right in the middle, it was no surprise that he was experiencing activity while he was working on the place. Now this area is notorious for activity anyway and it just so happens that some bad things happened at the home next door, the empty one. We did find spirits on our friend's property and in the yard next door. There were quite a few spirits taking the opportunity to communicate with us, but nothing evil or hostile. We did get many evps but feel it is best not to include any of them here at this time. There was not an active haunting per se just spirits presence at my friend's place. The place next door is another story, whoever moves in there will have a real haunt problem we believe. I think there are many factors tied up in the reasons for so many spirits being here. I feel that my friend will be okay though and that is why we went out there. Moon Lake has a lot of bad energy and I hope he can find some peace there. Time will tell.............Until then: STATUS: CASE CLOSED/ CAT SP

May 4th and May 10th 2016 Moss: Anclote residential case

This case got our attention because I know the family involved and because this residence sits about 300 feet away in a diagonal line from an old case we worked for a year. I know this area to be very active and so it would have been no surprise to find spirits here. Just as we expected we did find just that. There were two spirits that we have encountered before and previously run out of another home there. The others were just connected to the family. Nothing too scary, nothing to really worry about but the place is active. One spirits shoved a book off a shelf at me and took credit for it in the evps. the book title was a message letting us know they knew us, the title was "I've heard this song before." This was done right after I did my usual speech to address the spirits there. Two spirits that know Michael and I from previous encounters, decided to just leave rather than have to go around again with us. Of course they had to get their insults in before they left and express their disgruntled feelings about our presence there. The evps were amusing and we did get things calmed down which made us happy as there is a toddler in the home. It took two trips out there to get things figured out, but it is always good to make sure you get to the bottom of it, when kids are present in a home with spirit activity. I think this place will stay calm. The clients are not the type to give over the fear fix and are used to spirit presence as they have had it before in their home. I am sharing here a couple of evps from this case. Some are nice, some are not. This evp is from a young sounding girl talking, it was getting after midnight but she says:

"It's 6 o'clock in the morning"

This one is a woman spirit, a nice one, who was asking about Michael from our team, she wanted him to come over there: She says;

"Let Michael come over"

This spirit did not remember Mike so fondly, since we kicked them out of another home years ago. She states her opinion saying;

"Mike's a mother F#$%er." {Censored in print but not in the evp audio}

A male asked us and the clients if we heard the spirits in the house:

"Don't you hear people?"

When i asked if we could talk with the spirits a male responded saying:

"With permission" 

This case was not hostile and we have closed it pending any more reports of activity:


February 17th 2016 /Spring Hill residential:

This was an interesting case. This couple thought a spirit had followed them from their previous home because they had activity there and neighbors claimed also to have had activity. This case just goes to show us just why we can not deal with haunt cases on supposition. What actually was happening here is that the spirits interacting were and are directly connected to the couple. One was a family member and the other an old friend lost in time. The spirits were not hostile, even though the family member was not exactly a warm and fuzzy gal. We got nothing to note on film and lots of evps. The communication was very forthcoming. This couple is also in the process of a business deal which I believe the spirits are concerned is a bad deal. The couple were nice folks and we think they will be fine as the spirits mean them no harm. There are however some spirits outside at the edge of the property which are not related to the new residents and had a lot to say about themselves and other spirits. David Wein received many direct responses from those other spirits when he walked up the Hill with his recorder. The evps inside were just non stop. We are including a few here that we found to be clear or interesting. The first one made us laugh. I guess some people keep their old ideas. When I asked the spirits to talk to the recorders one of them commented, referring to another one saying.............

"Rachael came from Brooklyn and she won't talk to a machine"

"We weren't going that fast, it wasn't Gino's fault. he was so likable"

We really think this is a harmless spirit interaction, in fact when the client asked if the spirit meant harm, one of them assured her that they did not. For now we are closing this case.


February 14th 2016/ Port Richey residential case:

We were called to come out and investigate spirit activity at this residence. We did indeed find spirit presence although it was not what we consider to be a haunting per say. There was not any evil or negative entities there. We found family members and spirits connected to the people in the home. The lady of the house seems to be the focus of the interaction but we feel that she is not so much the focus individual, because the spirits want to scare her, but because she is the person in the household who is a bit more sensitive and will notice the spirits. Another deceased family member also seized the opportunity to also come by and send a message to his deceased wife. We did not get anything to note on film but we did capture many, many evps and we did give the spirits a chance to get their messages out there. We have no fears for this family as far as the spirits there are concerned. We enjoyed meeting the family and also meeting the spirits that came by.

Here are some evps that were real clear and pretty cool. This is a female spirit telling the lady of the house that one of the spirits there is her father. She says;

"That's your Father"

" I'm here"


November 6th 2015 /New Port Richey Residential case:

We found ourselves at this residence because the client claimed that her child aged 5, was seeing and interacting with a deceased loved one. As it turned out it was true. A deceased relative was present in the home and did communicate with us all night via evp. We were able to make a connection for the client to communicate with her loved one, and we hope it did provide some closure. Due to the very private nature of this case we can not offer any details. This case was not a haunting but a spirit visitation because the spirit is not happy and misses loved ones. STATUS: CASE CLOSED /CAT SP

September 9th 2015 Clearwater residential haunt: This case came to us because a family that had just moved into a new home were having some strange happenings that were starting to become a bit unnerving. They were only there for a few weeks not even totally unpacked yet, with boxes yet to be unpacked etc, when the activity began. they came home to find what could only be described as a small puddle of what looked like blood in the middle of the kitchen floor. Then the noises, voices and shadows began. Things just escalated from there. Surprisingly we did not find any evil or nasty spirits there but a relative and the former resident owners of the home. One of the spirits, the former owner was a very fastidious older lady who was not happy because she claimed the family needed to finish putting their stuff away and clean up what she considers to be a mess. We all got a good laugh out of this. All in all it was pretty calm and there was no animosity really from the spirits beyond the grumbling about the house. We never did figure out the source of the puddle. the family has no pets and there were no animals of any kind to be found in the house to explain the small blood puddle. Nothing interesting was captured on film but we did get lots of evps. This case did not require any further action. The spirits wanted to make their feelings known and they did. Now hopefully all can live together peacefully, the living and those living in spirit. STATUS;Case Closed Cat SP

September 18th 2015 Pinellas Park Residential case: ***Winner most haunted case for 2015

We got a call from one of the ladies who lives in the home about strange events, sounds etc in the house. From some of the things she told me I knew she had spirits in the house, so we went out to find out what was going on. We found quite a friendly and social group of spirits there. The EVPS were very good and very amusing at times. Mostly friend, relatives, and one former resident we believe were in the home. We also had a couple of drop by spirits who just came to see what was going on. We enjoyed the investigation and meeting the family and their dogs too. One spirit made us laugh with their remarks about the dogs. These spirits know this family and they watch over them. We got so many evps that were clear and even some where the spirits were talking to each other. This was just one of those feel good cases where the spirits enjoyed the interaction and all was well that ended well. I am including a few of the EVP highlights here. We got so many we could never post them all here.

At one point one spirit said "Come in" and another asked "What is he doing here?" We can only assume someone showed up unexpectedly?

"Come in" and "What is he doing here?"

"I'll be back"

"Okay, I'm here...what's up?"

This may be the best EVP ever, class A+

"That's Earl."

Spirit is asked Where he was from and he answers "Great Bend."

There are endless good evps we could post here from this case, but we don't have the room. We hope you enjoy these. STATUS;CASE CLOSED CAT SP

August 17th 2015 Dunedin residential haunting:

This one turned out to be yet another harmless family haunting. Spirits present are mostly related to the clients and eager to pass on messages to them. One spirit present from the house, probably former resident gave us her name, first and last. That evp is below. Nothing scary, nothing hostile except maybe a cranky female ghost that has to voice her opinions on things. The evps were many and some very clear and loud. Nothing showed on film or photos. EVP highlights we chose to share here are:

Wendy asks what spirits name is and spirit replies Anna Hathawaite

"It's all or nothing"

"I did what you told me to do"

Status Case Closed: CAT 3 haunting , Non -hostile

Palm Harbor June 2015 residential haunting:

The spirit haunting was a relative trying to encourage a family to do an intervention with another family member in trouble. Fascinating case, that really shows that the love a parent has for their child can even reach out even from beyond the grave. Awesome spirit, loving father. Nothing on film, but tons of evps. We are including a few here: The male spirit was talking about something that happened to him right before he died, which was verified by his wife, he said he got a "Funny fever" It was a strange and high fever that he got the night he passed away.

"Funny fever"

The spirit was getting mad because we kept talking too much while the tape was running so he scolded us by saying

"Wait for me to talk"

STATUS: This case is closed. CAT SP

March and May of 2015:

We did some investigations but these cases are very private and we can not reveal results here. Both were family spirit interactions with the recently deceased. Both were very successful and contact was made, and closure was obtained. High profile local murder case, also worked details confidential.

January 2015

We worked two cases that are confidential and cannot be posted here for client's confidentiality purposes.

Dec. 6th 2014 New Port Richey return to the elemental case. Part two....please read the entry before this one to be caught up on the story and then read this part two. ***Winner most haunted for 2014

We returned to this case again in order to try and figure out what exactly was going on here and why. This case has kept us busy with hours of evidence review and evp work, photo analysis, research on numerous things etc. In fact it may well be one of the most complex cases we have had in the past five years or so. This case report is extensive and involved, but we hope to cover as much as possible and offer some viable possibilities for the spirit visitation but to be honest we do not have any one answer right now. We do have some real possibilities but we also have even more questions. Here are our findings:


When we look into spirit activity we usually can rate each case as a haunting, a spirit presence or a dead zone where no spirits seem to be. This case however falls into another category we rarely see. There are certain places where spirits human and other entities gather or tend to congregate. If you look deep enough you can sometimes find out why. Sometimes. Most people call us because they have spirits inside their home but this call came because there were all kinds of things outside in the yard and also on four neighboring properties as well. Also strange is the fact that on this small dead end street, near the woods, in this little cluster of five houses, there have been numerous deaths in a two year span. Too many to not seem foreboding. It seemed as though everyone in all the houses around this one had passed on in a short span of time.The client and her roommates were pretty much the sole survivors of the street when we got the call. Many other roommates have left and not wanted to stay there. They gave a myriad of excuses and one even stated that they felt as if they stayed there they too would die if they did not move away from the location.

We have made two trips and performed two intense investigations into this mystery. We took two different crews each time with George, Braxton and myself working on the first visit and Verna, Ryan and myself on the second visit. We found several things that served to raise even more questions. We saw and heard many of the same things on both nights. At about 10 or 10:30 in the evening, there is an intense visitation of energy that hits the property and the surrounding area for that matter. You can feel the shift, you can note it in recordings where the background noise totally changes or becomes like a vacuum at times too. We were also told by the client, of things that happened during the full moon, and we went back on the full moon to find it was indeed even more crazy and active than before. You can have all of your equipment suddenly refuse to work especially cameras. We were able to observe the things that the client and her roommates had claimed to see, first hand. There were shadows about in the shape of animals and people. We got evps that were bizarre, some of which held some good clues as to what was present. We also noticed certain things that we knew might be indicative of elemental spirits from our past experience. We did extensive research on the area and discovered that this area bore witness to a series of very, very bad things over the past 3 0r 4 centuries.

You always hear about places being haunted because the location is or was Native American Land or a burial ground. We have found that to be largely rooted in white guilt, and not at all really common, except in the movies and superstition. Most of the time Native American spirits are very highly evolved and have no desire to haunt people. They prefer to stay in the wild spaces if they stay at all. This case however, taught us something that may indeed explain some of the strange things that happen in these locations. Now everywhere in this country is basically Native land at one time. So if Natives haunted the white folks, we would all be haunted. I think it is only certain places and circumstances that wind up haunted and perhaps not just by Native American human spirits, but perhaps elementals, animal elementals especially. Why? Well this location once had an active Native American settlement with two mounds. One was an altar and residential mound and the other was a very old burial mound. The Natives worship and deify the animal elemental spirits and even the earth elementals. They offered gifts, respect and love to these spirits. They respected the earth and everything on it. While I always mention that elementals do not like human beings at all, the Native Americans and other tribal people that lived in accordance with the natural ways were not seen in the same light by these spirits. They liked them and interacted with them beneficially. Now do these ancient spirits feel that people other than the Native Americans are worthy to talk to, as this evp states "The

ancient...he doesn't speak"

So now we have many questions about this haunted location: Every spirit haunting case is like a puzzle. You have to take the pieces you can find and put them together to try and make some sense of it. We are going to break down this case in a series of related puzzle pieces that may point to some possible answers?

1. Why is there a gathering of spirits of all kinds in this space?

Let?s see, we have much history and many events of tremendous consequences for all forms of life that took place here. Invasion of outsiders that warred with the Natives, much bloodshed, devastation and destruction of old ways and an entire culture and religion. Then there is a story that is still not known to be truth or legend as many things get passed down but who knows? Long story short: Native Americans living peacefully, then the Spaniards come, to this area. The Spaniards, after killing other Native tribes and enslaving the survivors, around Florida, then come to attack the Calusa tribe, that inhabited this area. The Calusa themselves sort of took it from the Timacua and moved them further north. Calusa means ?fierce people? in their native tongue. For the Calusa, everyone had three souls. The innermost soul, said to be Immortal, lived in the pupil of the eye. Perhaps because of this, one Calusa god was said to eat human eyes. Just a bit of creepy trivia there for you.

The Spaniards attacked the Calusa tribe and lost, and the Calusa killed the Spaniards on their altar mound. The three white Christian survivors claim the tribe sacrificed the explorers to their Sun God, Toya. Or so they say?.but for some reason the Natives spared three survivors from the invaders, a young woman and two men, one of which was a Priest. The three are initiated into the tribe and trusted by the Calusas. The Priest marries the white woman and her foster brother, and then starts gradually trying to convert the tribe members to Christianity. This EVP saying "Does he want white teachers?" really made me wonder:

and then there is this one saying "The old Shepard is desperate."

The priest said that they need to put a cross on the altar mound to atone for the bloodshed etc. The Chief allows this because most of the tribe had by then been convinced by the Priest, but then the Chief leaves his tribe forever because he is not on board with it. Later the white men kill the Calusa or drive them off. Trivia you may find interesting: . In 1763, the last few Calusa set out for Cuba, leaving Florida forever. So many of the Cuban people to come in later generations may indeed have been descendants of these Indians from America.

A few centuries later white men desecrate the burial mounds and destroy them. The altar mound remains. The same mound, where the animal elemental spirits were worshipped and offerings of food and incense etc. were left by the Natives for centuries. The mound then sat idle with a cross on top for awhile and all the Natives were gone. The elemental spirits were abandoned and left without all of that attention. Then a strange and destructive new culture now ruled the land. A culture that held any and all other gods and or deities etc. in contempt. No respect or adoration whatsoever was given by this new culture to any higher spirits or animals spirits.

Now add to this the fact that the client was given a strange stone head artifact that also seems to have issues of its own that may be stirring the pot. When asked about the origin of this thing we got an evp saying "Relics"

More on this later.

Now add to this the medicine wheel built on the location:

Bear in mind too that the Native tribe known as the Calusa?s referred to this area as an enchanted place, over and over in the names they gave to the river, the lake, the ground, etc. What was it that made them feel it was enchanted? We are unable to find the answer to that in our research yet. Whatever the case we can only assume that the Calusa knew something we didn?t and still don?t.

2. What brought the elementals back here?

They have always been here, but when the client took some stones from an old wall by the mounds and built a medicine wheel, this became an attraction to them. The client is part Native American and felt the medicine wheel would be a nice touch to have in the yard and would bring good energy to the place. The elementals we believe saw this as a sign of the old ways returning. I think they expected to find a Native tribe there again, that would connect with them and offer them worship and interaction. But that is not what they found. They found the client, and other residents, [what they consider to be and I quote ?White, mangy people] there. We have an EVP referring to them as mangy white people. EVP saying ..."White mangey people!"

There was also talk of cheating, or cheaters. I think when they came to the medicine wheel and found no Native tribe and no offerings they felt that people cheated them. We think this is what they mean by cheating. They thought the client could bring things back to the way they were. When that did not happen they felt cheated. There were a few evps referring to cheating and even threats about it. Such as these " If you cheat, I will eat you for supper."

And this one that says " See the lightning if you cheat!"

Another incident that could have angered elementals is the fact that an ancient tree was cut down recently by a neighbor. We did get an evp that said "Trees are forever and ever"

The client claims to hear a pounding outside on the full moon, and we believe that may be a residual drumming sound like the drums once played here. We did capture a sound like this on tape also. Perhaps it is a call for these elementals either residual or active by other spirits, Native spirits perhaps?

3. How do we know they are elementals?

We of course cannot state positively that some of the spirits here are elementals but given the clues we have, this is our conclusion and this is why: From what we learned in other cases we have found the following: A. Human spirits refer to elementals as ?it? as in this EVP that says "It doesn't snack"

or the ?beast? as we would refer to an animal. EVP clue;

"It's the beast emerging"

B. Animal elementals are usually known to make the same threats. They threaten to ?EAT? you. This is because predators eat other animals and even people. In this case as in the others that featured this kind of activity this same threat was made. One of those EVPS is above in the last section, as is the EVP referring to mange.. Another common feature with elementals is that they love sweet smells and in this EVP they even remark about the awesome smells: says "Gotta get back to the awesome smells"

But when we brought them some things like sweet scented candles and simmering cinnabonn liquids, but one responded saying: "What you're getting me, it isn't enough." We have since learned that the offering has to be real food and not anything artificial. This information came from a Native Shaman. The Natives believe that every physical thing has it's spirit counter part that can be consumed by spirits, which is why they leave things in their burial rituals for their dead such as pottery, food, weapons etc.

We have it all on EVP recordings. The elemental spirits referred to those presently living there as mangy white people. The mange is a disease of animals. Animals with the mange are contagious and driven from the pack. Having the mange is like being a leper in the animal world. They are seen as a curse or blight that threatens the welfare of the others. Calling someone mangy is an insult, but an insult that would be common from an animal?s perspective. You have to think outside the box to make connections at times in this field. Now when you add to all of this that both the clients and our own team members saw not one but several black shadow animals present and moving about on both evenings that we investigated, you might conclude that there are animal elementals there. Last of all we have several photos of glowing white eyes, in several animal eye shapes that seemed to be stalking us all night.

4. What about the human spirits present?

Not all the spirits here seem to be okay with each other. We even received warnings from our own spirit liaison to be careful and about a pending attack on one of our team members which did happen, on our first visit. There was also EVP communication from people who once lived there including a lady who died recently on the property behind this one. She even gave her name. We got other names also. Some of these spirits commented on the events and actions of the other spirits. They offered evp information such as ?The beast is emerging? when the animal elemental spirit first showed up on the first night. We also had commentary from a spirit when we moved the stone head that said ?I?ll tell ya what, that spirit is nasty!? One of our own spirits that at times works with us made a comment saying " What the {expletive} is that thing with the eyes?"

We had other evps that made mention of names or identified themselves by name. These made reference to five names; Ziegfried, Betty, Stephanie, Joesph and Johnny but the name Johnny seemed to be prevalent.

We have several other evps from human spirits that may or may not hold more keys to what is going on here. In fact we even had one of them tell us to choose the 31st, we are assuming they mean to return on the 31st? Here is that EVP: says "Choose the 31st."

Who knows? No human spirit seems to be actively haunting anyone or this location. They just happen to be there just as living people happen to be in all kinds of places.

5. How does the client figure into all of this?

The client really just walked into a mess and then when she built the medicine wheel she provided an attraction, and an energy battery of sorts for everything in the area. Especially since the rocks came from the old wall that once surrounded the mound areas, that was built by a later settler that wanted to preserve the remaining mound. The medicine wheel was seen as a sign of the old ways, familiar people and culture with whom these elementals had found kinship. The elementals came expecting to find more than they did and are a bit miffed about it. We think this is what they mean by ?cheating?, as they felt that they had been duped by the medicine wheel, just as the Natives had been cheated out of their land, and lost their lives years ago to the white settlers. They wanted to find a tribe of Natives there and things the way they used to be. The client was picking up on their calls at night and started noticing the activity and the presence, in a big way. After all the deaths in the neighborhood she became uneasy about it. She wanted to know what was going on. When someone gave her the stone head and she brought that here, that we believe, threw yet another unknown energy into the mix.

6. Why so much death in this location?

This question we cannot answer. To be honest, we have no clue.

7. What other spirit activity is present here? Besides human spirits and elemental spirits we did have some very strange EVPS that we cannot identify. These evps have a metallic, automated sound to them. They exhibit a similar sound to those evps that have been put through a noise filter except, we never touched them. They have that weird outer space type sound and we have no clue why. They could be distorted by some energy present or they could be something totally outside of the spirit realm. We are going to continue to look into this. Also we must address the strange things that went on with the stone head statue. We moved this statue out of the medicine wheel?s center and started to take it away to the other side of the property. We did this because we felt that it being in the wheel was a problem for some of the spirits present as it was not of that culture. When we moved it, the further away it got from the wheel, the more it?s actual weight seemed to increase. It was crazy. We tested this over and over. It was as if the energy form the wheel made it light as a feather and once we took it away from that source it became literally dead weight. This is yet another mystery we have to ponder. Interestingly enough, we did get an evp that sounded very, very Jamaican when we started messing with the statue. We know it is probably either African or Caribbean by the style of the sculpture but it is very weathered. Maybe it is a Jamaican artifact with a spirit in tow?We sent photos of this statue to 3 archaeologists and not one of them could liken it to anything they have seen before or identify the culture that made it.

8. What role does ancient history play here?

Whenever you have a history of much upheaval in any location, that held great emotional energy and/or caused a great shift in the patterns of life there, it has a residual effect. Energy leaves it?s imprint, which affects other things, spirits included.

9. Is there any real danger here from these spirits?

We do not feel there is any imminent danger here from any of these spirits. As long as no one pushes the envelope, meaning no ghost hunting, ritual activity, engaging the spirits here etc. The kinds of spirits gathering here are not fond of white men, and their culture. To antagonize them in any way is not a good idea. Since the client is not the type to do that, we are not worried for her welfare at this time.

10. What if anything can be done to calm the activity down or displace these spirits? Unfortunately NO, we cannot do much to move these spirits out of here. Human spirits have free will and can stay wherever they want as long as they do not truly harm the living. Elemental spirits belong to the earth and have more of a right to be here than we do. Animal elementals are part of the spirit ecosystem here as well and while we may be able to hurt them steal their habitat and even kill them here in the physical world; we can not affect them in the spirit realm. In fact of Karma is fitting enough they can affect us even here in our physical realm. I always tell people to be careful what they do to animals and the earth itself as no one ever really gets away with such affronts to nature. In the end, one way or another score is always settled. The creator is a just God, who cares equally for all his creatures. This is one of those cases that we will never truly resolve but we can attempt to understand and learn from. We are reminded again and again in our journey with the paranormal that we as human beings are not the epicenter of God?s world and that there are other life forms and spirit species also share our space and have rights of their own. There are some things that we may never know and may not even be deemed worthy to know, no matter how much we feel we are the masters of everything.

There seems to be so many issues, and so many different clashes going on here with so many different entities. It is hard to make heads or tails out of it all. We seldom find such an interesting chain of events and such an interesting location, as this one. It is a big job to go through so much evidence and look into so many avenues for research to try and get to what lies at the core of this intense visitation of spirits and energy. We spent a lot of time and energy on this case and the case report just scratches the surface of all that we found. We have a total of 167 EVPS alone here to decipher. We still have so many questions.

This case is closed until further need presents itself. STATUS; CASE CLOSED/ CAT Unknown

New Port Richey residential case Nov. 14th 2014 Nicknamed the "elemental case" PART ONE Winner most haunted 2014

We went out to this case very intrigued because we know the area and how active it is. We found more than we had bargained for though. We fully expected to find a haunting, some human ghosts what have you but we found a bit more. There were reports of apparitions, animal apparitions and noises, knocking from underground and some strange other things going on. There has been 9 deaths here in this small group of about five houses in just two years, all around our client's home which sits in the center of the others, on this small private street near a wooded area. It is as if everyone died all around her. Well we had a lot of ground to cover and we were running a skeleton crew that night of just George, Braxton and myself. George and Braxton had gone out to work outside while I worked inside with the clients doing evp sessions. Before long Braxton came in asking me to come outside and see what they were witnessing.

It was very cold this night and I did not relish going out there at all, but once I got out there and started seeing what they were seeing, I forgot about the cold and became fascinated. There were eyes that seemed to have a dim glow watching us and they kept changing locations rapidly and seemed to be everywhere at times. Photos taken showed these eyes almost like animal eyeshine in the dark spaces. At first I thought they were just wildlife eyeshine, until I saw them in a closed screen porch. I snapped a photo which now has us all perplexed. We have several photos where these many sets of eyes just seem to be present, at least one set in every third photo or more. None of the eyeshine seemed to have real animals behind the eyes. We did extensive photo analysis and also I have had friends in the field do even more sophisticated photo analysis for me as well. Some of those photos i am including here. All of the eyes showed white on camera but some had very different shapes than others.

We also saw black shadow shapes on four legs and at times two legs that darted about and vanished again. You could see through them and they seemed to move around the property. It is rare when you actually see apparitions moving about so freely. It is even more rare to have at least three different wild animals watching you in a residential neighborhood for a long period of time. We captured many EVPS outside as well. Some of them were a bit strange too. It was my feeling from the time I went outside that there were elemental spirits at work here and now more than ever I feel they are animal elementals. Why are they there? What is behind the whole thing? Elemental spirit from my experience usually only congregate and display to the living when something has been done to offend them by hurting either wildlife, or the environment on some level, in some way.

We are not done here and we are scheduled to return again in Dec. We usually resolve haunt cases fairly easily but we left here with more questions than we had when we got there. There is supposedly some more even stranger activity that takes place on the full moon at midnight here so we have scheduled to return on the full moon. The home itself does not seem haunted per say at all, but the grounds that is another story altogether. In the past we have had some amazing hauntings in this area and had many reports of a ghost dog which we did manage to run down and figure out. So this area did have animal spirits before but not like this. Notice the medicine wheel in the photos, that is on the property. Could there be a Native American connection to the elemental spirits here as well? Keep an eye out here for our next entry about this case after our return in Dec. In the meantime here are some interesting highlights as far as pics and EVPS: This is a photo that shows eyeshine and a close up of that eyeshine:

These are the same eyes zoomed in. Notice they are almost humanoid in shape.

Next here is the shot I took of the eyes in the screen porch. They are peering it seems from over a box of some kind. I am also including the close up and two more enhanced versions done by two of my friends in the field.

Next shot is the close up: Notice these eyes are more round or even diamond shaped than the last set in the other shots. There also seems to be another duller set of eyes in the background that were not seen in the distance shot. Why do these eyes seem to be almost giving off light that illuminates the orbits?

Now look at the enhancement done by my friend Eric Douglas: You can almost see the outline of the head and a bit more detail.yet there was no one and nothing in that darn porch upon inspection and no way for it to have gotten in or out either.

We also have these other eye shots:

We have many more but are not including all of them here. Now here are some very peculiar EVPS from outside.

The first one says "You better stop, they'll scratch you!"

This one seems to say "What do you think, It's the beast emerging"

This one we just don't get, it says "It doesn't snack." What is "IT"?

Stay tuned for our next installment on this very, very strange case. STATUS; CASE OPEN CAT "UNKNOWN?"

New Port Richey Residential case Oct. 14 2014

This case was very intriguing for us because a call came from some good friends of mine and this couple happens to be deaf, so the ghosts had to visually display to them and did so in photos and in their home to their naked eyes on many occasions. Spirits also communicate telepathically and I believe the deaf people may also have a little more telepathic sense than most hearing folks. The woman it seems is the catalyst as in photos where she is in the photo there seem to be clear apparitions, and it does not matter where the photos are taken. It is not a spirit following her because it is never the same one in these photos and in one photo there are two other people, transparent and unknown that should not be in the picture. We did find spirits in the home but most were relatives or other friendly spirits who mean no harm. We totally enjoyed the visit with this family and their pets and their ghosts. We captured a lot of evps but nothing on film. Of course we did not take a photo of the lady though. I could not believe we forgot to do that but we were so busy with case issues and such, as even our motion sensors were going off like mad all night. Here are some great EVP highlights:

"She's not the Queen of Sheba"

"Is my Grandfather here?..........YES"

"Does he make you happy? YES MISS"

"Turn that racket off!"


Hudson /residential case Oct. 10th 2014

This case featured a family that were becoming increasingly aware of a presence and paranormal activity in their home. The activity did seem to focus a lot on the lady of the house but we feel that this is because she herself is a bit more sensitive to spirit presence than most of the others in the home. The spirits here turned out to be friends and relatives and they did identify themselves well and interact with us and the family. One of them expressed a warning about a possible health issue that someone is ignoring that needs to be looked into. Loved ones worry about us and at times even come back to try and help us. One of the funniest things that happened at this case was this: I saw a small man that looked Chinese or Oriental to me, which was odd because the family is not of that cultural background. The tape recorder was running when I remarked about seeing this man and i said he looks either Chinese or Oriental. I guess that is no longer politically correct because the spirit spoke out loudly on two recorders at two separate times correcting me by saying "Asian!" The client did know who he was and it turned out to be a good friend. Here is that evp:


We did not get anything on film but we did get lots of evps. We enjoyed meeting this lovely family and their departed relatives as well. STATUS:CASE CLOSED CAT SP

New Port Richey closure sitting case Oct. 3rd 2014

Occasionally we are asked to get involved and do a sitting to obtain communication with a spirit of someone that has passed leaving mysteries behind. We often take these cases to help people find closure and also to help a spirit find closure. We worked at an empty house, that has been sitting for awhile that this spirit is thought to be returning because it was the last location where he lived. Along with the family we did a sitting and recorded communication with this spirit and another one that was also a relative that showed up unexpectedly. While conditions were not perfect we did get a good connection with this spirit and he did make his feelings known. however he refused to answer certain questions implicating the people who were involved in the events leading to and after his death. He said he wanted his family to forget about it and move on. It seems that he thinks these folks will incur their own Karma and he does not want the case reopened or anyone to be turned in for what they did. This is strange as usually victims of foul play want people to know exactly who did what and why. While the family may not have gotten all the answers they wanted they did get some and they did get closure with this deceased loved one. they also got a surprise from their deceased Father who came and whistled the exact tune he always did to call them in at night. Due to the heavy nature of this case we are not including any evps here from it. STATUS/CASE CLOSED CAT SP

Spring Hill residential case Sept. 26th 2014 :

This case came to us because a family had been experiencing a minor haunt that seemed to get worse after another para team had come in to investigate. Luckily some of the scary things that were happening were not being perpetuated by the ghosts at all. We did find a grandmother spirit in attendance there and also two more spirits that we think were drop ins, perhaps hoping to have a chance to tell their problem as well. We found no hostile entities there and a very low key spirit visitation by a relative who is there to watch over the family, especially her great grandson. We did get alto of evp at this case and also an interesting photo on the stealth camera. the photo was taken by the stealth cam in an empty room. This camera takes still shots and video when it's sensors are tripped by motion, heat or cold. This photo we are including here. It appears to be a bright light anomaly in the shape of a woman. the apparition is on or over the bed, which is the large object whiting out the camera. You can see the head of whatever this is in front of the picture on the wall. What appears to be the woman in the photo, the client says looks a lot like his Grandmother as well. You decide...but whatever the case something triggered the camera and caused this strange photo. The spirit of the Grandma made us laugh as she was a bit cranky at times. When we told her that we could only hear her on the computer after we played back the tape through the PC and that she had to wait for us to reply and talk to her again she said "That stinks!" Here is that evp....

Unless the client calls back with more activity or a change of nature in the activity this case is STATUS/ CASE CLOSED CAT SP

Holiday residential haunt 8/17/2014 :

This case has been very interesting. We did find spirits in attendance at this home but they were family members there to guide and help. We can not post details in the interest of client confidentiality. The strangest thing about this case is what happened afterwards. We had captured about 48 evps that we were able to use to decipher the reason for the haunting and identify three of the spirits. I always put the evps in a file for the client and send them a link to the file. Now in this case the family was less interested in paranormal evidence than in getting the answer to what was happening at the home. Having been in touch with them and telling them our findings and such, I had told them i would call back to get their email address in order to send their evp file. I have just recently cleaned out my PC room which contains just boxes, an empty hutch and my PC desk. I had my notebook with the casefile tucked inside on my desk for about five days straight and had used it to get the number to call the client several times during the evidence review. When it was time to call for the email to send the evps the book and the case file in it had vanished from the desk. There was no where for it to go really, the room is pretty much packed up and I did not take it to any other part of the house. We searched the house anyway to no avail. The book and the casefile along with the client contact info. is gone. I can only assume that this is spirit's way of saying "It's done, no need to pursue, move on." I am hoping to hear from the client so they do not think we just never called them back. This has not happened to me before quite this way and I am truly frustrated by it. Until I hear from them I guess: STATUS / CASE CLOSED CAT LEVEL SP HERE ARE A COUPLE OF EVPS FROM THE CASE:

woman says "Married through my grandpa Patrick."

"There are lots of people I haven't bothered yet!"

5/17/2014 haunt case in Hudson/ residential

This case came to us because a woman and her family were seeing a tall shadow ghost in their home and experiencing some distress. This case really got our attention because it is situated right smack in between Terrace drive and Beacon woods, both very haunted zones by our records and case files. For this reason we wanted to make sure this family was not being harassed. We were particularly worried about a certain spirit that we had run off from so many homes before and were relieved to get there and not find him as the culprit for this haunt. One of the things experienced by the clients was a spirit or ghost looking in the window at night. They had just moved in and were doing renovations and had not put up the curtains on this window yet as they were painting the room. As luck would have it we did manage to get a photo of something looking in the window after all. The bright white orb-like thing on the window is our flash reflection. The hazy object in the lower left of the pane is not a dirty window or some light play. This could not be duplicated in other shots. The first is the original picture and the second is the close up. There is something outside that window and it is also visible with your eyes from inside the house. It left after the camera flashes went off.

The female spirit of the house assured us that this spirit had to stay outside by saying "She can't come in" in this EVP:

Sometimes the best defense against a bad spirit is another territorial and protective spirit as this lady seemed to be.

We also experienced a horrid smell that the ghost produces, as the spirit wandered near us now and again. We found 3 spirits in the home. One female, who we believe is related to the client and her family who means no harm, another female who died in the home years ago, and what we think might be her husband that was an invalid confined to the home for along time before his death. The male spirit was unable to communicate with us via EVP but made his presence known again and again, in other ways. The EVPS from the case were amazingly loud as the one female really seemed to know how to push her energy to make her voice loud on our recorders. The female relative spirit is there because she is concerned about her family for several reasons, one personal with her grand daughter and the other spirits presence being part of her concerns as well.

There was nothing evil or dangerous in the home and since spirit presence is common, and these are human spirits who mean no harm, there is not much we can do to kick them out anyway. Until a spirit crosses that line of being evil or hurtful to the living it is hard to rid the house of them with a cleansing. Cleansings work for evil spirits, but since we all have free will in this life and the next, spirits are not forced out of anywhere by the powers that be unless they are up to no good. The unfortunate part of all this for this family, is that the male spirit, although he seems to be harmless comes complete with the most horrible smell imaginable reminiscent of his invalid days and incontinence. There is not way to describe just how strong and offensive that smell is. We truly want to at least find a way to get this male spirit out of there but since he seems to have no cognizance, that may be impossible. He seems like an old blind, deaf, dog would be...they follow you around but have no clue what is going on around them. Spirits are telepathic which confuses me as to why this guy is in this state of being somewhat oblivious to us or our attempts to communicate. The other possibility is that this could be part of something residual, that is not at all conscious at all. I have never run into a residual haunting that seems to follow you around though, and that is exactly what this spirit did all night to me and Verna one of my team members. My heart goes out to this lady who lives there. She is working so hard to clean up and renovate a very,. old ,neglected house and make it a nice home. In spite of her efforts it seems that this smell just ruins it every day.

When I walked into the home I got this mental vision of cats, lots of them, inside and outside of this home. When I mentioned this to the client she confirmed that a neighbor had trapped over 30 cats or so. I knew that these cats belonged to the old lady who died in the house. That spirit later confirmed this for me too by her words in this evp:

"See the cats I had?"

This case will remain open in the event that this haunt escalates anytime soon, but for now I rate this a CAT SP by our ratings system.