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Spirits that are not human for thought?

Spirits and life forms that are not human…

In our culture we pretty much place spirits into just a few, catch all categories. We consider them to be human ghosts, poltergeists, demons, angels and elementals. In reality with the exception of perhaps, human ghosts, we are pretty much in the dark about the rest. We like to lump anything non-human into two alignments: “good and evil.” Angels are good and pretty much all the rest are evil or dangerous.

Humans have a habit of practicing anthropomorphism. Angels which we consider to be benevolent are often depicted in somewhat of a human form. Demon is a dogmatic catch all term that place on anything we consider to be evil or bad and not human. Demons are said to have always at least one animal body part, and are supposedly masquerading as human. But what exactly are demons? In religious lore demons are minions of the devil here to torment us and possess us. What if there is a lot more to it than that? So Angels=good (like humans?), demons=bad not humans. Coincidence? Not really. Human beings like to view themselves as benevolent by nature, in our own view at least. These days it is obvious just how opposite many people truly are to that alignment. Humans are indeed evil at times and some are downright heinous. But what exactly are demons? Are they the devil’s minions of old religious lore? What else is out there? Now what about other types of spirits?

There is something called a thought form entity. A thought form entity is a synthetic being that is galvanized into life by the belief of many, many people all focusing on the same idea. In the past, humans have had many Gods. They prayed in mass numbers to these Gods. In doing so, it is very possible that they created a cone of power and energy that gave birth to some thought form entities in the process. Eventually a thought form entity can develop a will of its own and grow out of its creator’s control. The laws of axioms states thus in its laws of intelligence:

“Any pattern of sufficient complexity will act intelligent when treated as an entity.”

What if even now, some of these galvanized thought form entities are still around? What if they are some of the so called spirits, that we consider to be demons or even elementals because we have no idea of their origin? Now let’s think about all the characters in our religious books and other cultural literature that feature saints and other revered entities whose existence was believed in and galvanized by millions of people. What of these thought form entities? Do they become disenchanted with us when we cast them aside for our more modern day Gods?

Now of course each religion believes its own Gods and prophets and saints to be real and all the others from other belief systems to be fiction. Who really knows? Maybe the demon or elemental we think is haunting an area is one of these abandoned thought form entities that wants our adoration and energy once again? Maybe one of these so called demons is the entity that was once called "Quetzalcoatl". How many powerful thought form entities have humans created down through the centuries? Maybe quite a few. In every region all over the world people still worship many Gods, some ancient, and some modern. In our country we have the Native American culture and all of their Great spirits to contend with perhaps? How many urban legends for that matter have we created synthetic entities out of by giving them decades of attention and energy? The possibilities are endless.

Then we have the category of spirits we call “elementals” when in reality we have no idea exactly what they are. If you look at the root word element, it refers to the four elements of earth such as air, water, earth, and fire. But is this a misnomer? I believe that all of the elements are living things of a sort but perhaps not the petty spirits that mingle with us or that haunt us. I think perhaps elementals are spirits of the creatures that dwell, in each element or even the spiritually embodied, collective consciousness of certain species? Animal spirits I think are also elementals of a sort. I have seen evidence to back up this theory in my work and the Native Americans have supposedly known this for centuries. This is something we have not even begun to learn about at this time, so all is supposition in the end.

What if there are even other types of life forms that are purely energy beings? Light forms perhaps with no physical body? We know nothing about life forms that may exist outside of our own realm. What of extra terrestrial intelligences that may be hanging about invisible to our eyes. The world holds so many mysteries.

In these last few decades we have been working in the paranormal field trying to find out just what is out there. We use digital recorders to communicate with what we think are spirits of the dead. I am after all my time in this research convinced that some of the entities we communicate with and record are indeed human spirits but not all of them. I have had EVPS that say “We are not ghosts”. Some have claimed to be “angels,” because perhaps that is the word they know we use to convey a higher, and benevolent entity. I have some that I suspect may be alien life forms and some that I suspect may be animal elemental spirits. We really do not know for sure, do we? What other life forms are out there, that can communicate with us, and maybe some, do it even on a telepathic level? Oh the myriad of possibilities is staggering isn’t it? Perhaps even a bit unsettling.

Some belief systems speak of “spiritual Intelligences” that preside like angels of a sort over certain specific affairs of mankind’s. Does this hierarchy of spirits exist and do they try to influence us or interfere in our affairs? It may be highly probable that they do.